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colour barevný adj:
colour barva
colour barva (vody) [eko.]
colour barvit v:
colour barvitost n:
colour barvivo n:
colour nabarvit v:
colour obarvit v:
colour vybarvit v:
colour zabarvení n:
colour zabarvit v:
colour zbarvit v:
colour barevná IT
colour barevné IT
colour barevný tisk IT
colour barevně IT
colour barva IT
colour kazeta bj pro barevný tisk (ne ve fotografické kvalitě} IT
colour vyplnit obrazec výroba černě IT
colour vyplnit obrazec kontrola černě IT
colour vyplnit obrazec přesunutí černě IT
colour vyplnit obrazec skladování černě IT
colour barevný IT
colour barvy IT
colour barva (na černobílé tiskárně} IT
colour barva (q} IT
colour barva IT
colour barva IT
colour barva č IT
colour barva č IT
colour barva č. IT
colour barva č. IT
Colour Barva GB
Colour Barvicí prostředek GB
Colour Pigment GB
Colour Tinktura GB
Colour Vlajka GB
Colour Barva
colour barvivo Cereals dictionary


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colour barva


ColourSee Color.


color, people of colour, color, people of color, color, color, vividness, color, coloration, colouration, color, colouring, coloring, color, colouring material, color, coloring material, color, semblance, gloss, color, emblazon, color, color, gloss, colourize, colorize, color in, colorise, colour in, colourise, color, discolor, discolour, color, tinge, color, distort,
coloring material, colouring material, color, people of color, people of colour, vividness, coloration, colouration, coloring, colouring, semblance, gloss, appearance, form, interest, interestingness, kind, material, quality, race, sort, stuff, timber, timbre, tone, variety, visual aspect, visual property,


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(adj) color|black-and-white (antonym)
(noun) coloring material|colouring material|color|material (generic term)|stuff (generic term)
(noun) color|people of color|people of colour|race (generic term)
(noun) color|kind (generic term)|sort (generic term)|form (generic term)|variety (generic term)
(noun) color|vividness|interest (generic term)|interestingness (generic term)
(noun) color|coloration|colouration|timbre (generic term)|timber (generic term)|quality (generic term)|tone (generic term)
(noun) color|coloring|colouring|visual property (generic term)|colorlessness (antonym)
(noun) semblance|gloss|color|appearance (generic term)|visual aspect (generic term)
(noun) color|appearance (generic term)|visual aspect (generic term)
(verb) color|influence (generic term)|act upon (generic term)|work (generic term)
(verb) color|emblazon|decorate (generic term)|adorn (generic term)|grace (generic term)|ornament (generic term)|embellish (generic term)|beautify (generic term)
(verb) color|gloss|apologize (generic term)|apologise (generic term)|excuse (generic term)|justify (generic term)|rationalize (generic term)|rationalise (generic term)
(verb) tinge|color|distort|affect (generic term)|impact (generic term)|bear upon (generic term)|bear on (generic term)|touch on (generic term)|touch (generic term)
(verb) color|colorize|colorise|colourise|colourize|color in|colour in|change (generic term)|alter (generic term)|modify (generic term)|discolor (antonym)
(verb) discolor|discolour|color|change (generic term)


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n. & v. --n. (US color) 1 a the sensation produced on the eye by rays of light when resolved as by a prism, selective reflection, etc., into different wavelengths. b perception of colour; a system of colours. 2 one, or any mixture, of the constituents into which light can be separated as in a spectrum or rainbow, sometimes including (loosely) black and white. 3 a colouring substance, esp. paint. 4 the use of all colours, not only black and white, as in photography and television. 5 a pigmentation of the skin, esp. when dark. b this as a ground for prejudice or discrimination. 6 ruddiness of complexion (a healthy colour). 7 (in pl.) appearance or aspect (see things in their true colours). 8 (in pl.) a Brit. a coloured ribbon or uniform etc. worn to signify membership of a school, club, team, etc. b the flag of a regiment or ship. c a national flag. 9 quality, mood, or variety in music, literature, speech, etc.; distinctive character or timbre. 10 a show of reason; a pretext (lend colour to; under colour of). --v. 1 tr. apply colour to, esp. by painting or dyeing or with coloured pens or pencils. 2 tr. influence (an attitude coloured by experience). 3 tr. misrepresent, exaggerate, esp. with spurious detail (a highly coloured account). 4 intr. take on colour; blush. øcolour bar the denial of services and facilities to non-White people. colour-blind unable to distinguish certain colours. colour-blindness the condition of being colour-blind. colour code use of colours as a standard means of identification. colour-code identify by means of a colour code. colour-fast dyed in colours that will not fade or be washed out. colour-fastness the condition of being colour-fast. colour scheme an arrangement or planned combination of colours esp. in interior design. colour-sergeant the senior sergeant of an infantry company. colour supplement Brit. a magazine with coloured illustrations, issued as a supplement to a newspaper. colour wash coloured distemper. colour-wash paint with coloured distemper. Queen's (or King's or regimental) colour a flag carried by a regiment. show one's true colours reveal one's true character or intentions. under false colours falsely, deceitfully. with flying colours see FLYING. [ME f. OF color, colorer f. L color, colorare],

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