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auricle boltec n:
auricle ušní boltec
auricle boltec ušní Med.
auricle boltec Med.
auricle předsíň Med.
auricle síň Med.
auricle srdeční ouška Med.
auricle ušní boltec Med.
auricle pinna Med.
auricle předsíň srdeční Právnicko-obchodní pojem
Auricle Altán GB
Auricle Námořní vlajková abeceda GB
Auricle Boltec
Auricle Ušní boltec
auricle ouško English-Czech dictionary of agricultural economics


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AuricleThe external ear, or that part of the ear which is prominent from the head.
AuricleThe chamber, or one of the two chambers, of the heart, by which the blood is received and transmitted to the ventricle or ventricles; -- so called from its resemblance to the auricle or external ear of some quadrupeds. See Heart.
AuricleAn angular or ear-shaped lobe.
AuricleAn instrument applied to the ears to give aid in hearing; a kind of ear trumpet.


auricula atrii, atrial auricle, pinna, ear,
atrial auricle, auricula atrii, pinna, ear, cartilaginous structure, pocket, pouch,


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(noun) atrial auricle|auricula atrii|pouch (generic term)|pocket (generic term)
(noun) pinna|ear|cartilaginous structure (generic term)


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n. Anat. 1 a a small muscular pouch on the surface of each atrium of the heart. b the atrium itself. 2 the external ear of animals. Also called PINNA. 3 an appendage shaped like the ear. [AURICULA],

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auricle nounan angular or ear-shaped lobe, process, or appendage

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