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ArriveTo come to the shore or bank. In present usage: To come in progress by water, or by traveling on land; to reach by water or by land; -- followed by at (formerly sometimes by to), also by in and from.
ArriveTo reach a point by progressive motion; to gain or compass an object by effort, practice, study, inquiry, reasoning, or experiment.
ArriveTo come; said of time; as, the time arrived.
ArriveTo happen or occur.
ArriveTo bring to shore.
ArriveTo reach; to come to.


come, get, go far, get in, make it,


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(verb) get|come|leave (antonym)
(verb) make it|get in|go far|succeed (generic term)|win (generic term)|come through (generic term)|bring home the bacon (generic term)|deliver the goods (generic term)


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v.intr. (often foll. by at, in) 1 reach a destination; come to the end of a journey or a specified part of a journey (arrived in Tibet; arrived at the station; arrived late). 2 (foll. by at) reach (a conclusion, decision, etc.). 3 colloq. establish one's reputation or position. 4 colloq. (of a child) be born. 5 (of a thing) be brought (the flowers have arrived). 6 (of a time) come (her birthday arrived at last). [ME f. OF ariver, ult. as AD- + L ripa shore],

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arrive intransitive verbto achieve success

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