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nitrogen dusík
nitrogen dusík Med.
Nitrogen Dusík Právnicko-obchodní pojem
nitrogen dusík CHEMISTRY
nitrogen CAS 302-01-2 CHEMISTRY
nitrogen CAS 7727-37-9 CHEMISTRY
Nitrogen Dusík GB
Nitrogen Dusík


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nitrogen. dusíku.


NitrogenA colorless nonmetallic element, tasteless and odorless, comprising four fifths of the atmosphere by volume. It is chemically very inert in the free state, and as such is incapable of supporting life (hence the name azote still used by French chemists); but it forms many important compounds, as ammonia, nitric acid, the cyanides, etc, and is a constituent of all organized living tissues, animal or vegetable. Symbol N. Atomic weight 14. It was formerly regarded as a permanent noncondensible gas, but was liquefied in 1877 by Cailletet of Paris, and Pictet of Geneva.


atomic number 7, N,
N, atomic number 7, chemical element, element, gas,


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n. Chem. a colourless tasteless odourless gaseous element that forms four-fifths of the atmosphere and is an essential constituent of proteins and nucleic acids. °Symb.: N. ønitrogen cycle the interconversion of nitrogen and its compounds, usu. in the form of nitrates, in nature. nitrogen fixation a chemical process in which atmospheric nitrogen is assimilated into organic compounds in living organisms and hence into the nitrogen cycle. øønitrogenous adj. [F nitrogëne (as NITRO-, -GEN)],

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nitrogen nouna colorless tasteless odorless element that as a diatomic gas is relatively inert and constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume and that occurs as a constituent of all living tissues see ELEMENT table

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