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card karta
card lístek n:
card mykat v:
card navštívenka n:
card pohlednice n:
card vizitka n:
card lístek, karta Právnicko-obchodní pojem
card karta IT
card vizitka IT
Card Mapa


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CardA piece of pasteboard, or thick paper, blank or prepared for various uses; as, a playing card; a visiting card; a card of invitation; pl. a game played with cards.
CardA published note, containing a brief statement, explanation, request, expression of thanks, or the like; as, to put a card in the newspapers. Also, a printed programme, and (fig.), an attraction or inducement; as, this will be a good card for the last day of the fair.
CardA paper on which the points of the compass are marked; the dial or face of the mariner's compass.
CardA perforated pasteboard or sheet-metal plate for warp threads, making part of the Jacquard apparatus of a loom. See Jacquard.
CardAn indicator card. See under Indicator.
CardTo play at cards; to game.
CardAn instrument for disentangling and arranging the fibers of cotton, wool, flax, etc.; or for cleaning and smoothing the hair of animals; -- usually consisting of bent wire teeth set closely in rows in a thick piece of leather fastened to a back.
CardA roll or sliver of fiber (as of wool) delivered from a carding machine.
CardTo comb with a card; to cleanse or disentangle by carding; as, to card wool; to card a horse.
CardTo clean or clear, as if by using a card.
CardTo mix or mingle, as with an inferior or weaker article.


batting order, lineup, visiting card, calling card, board, circuit board, add-in, plug-in, circuit card, identity card, carte du jour, bill of fare, carte, menu, bill, posting, placard, notice, poster, scorecard, wit, wag, tease,
identity card, wag, wit, poster, posting, placard, notice, bill, calling card, visiting card, scorecard, menu, bill of fare, carte du jour, carte, batting order, lineup, circuit board, circuit card, board, plug-in, add-in, book, cardboard, composition board, correspondence, greeting, humorist, humourist, paper, positive identification, printed circuit, record, record book, roll, roster, salutation, sign,


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(noun) paper (generic term)
(noun) identity card|positive identification (generic term)
(noun) correspondence (generic term)
(noun) cardboard (generic term)|composition board (generic term)
(noun) wag|wit|humorist (generic term)|humourist (generic term)
(noun) poster|posting|placard|notice|bill|sign (generic term)
(noun) calling card|visiting card|greeting (generic term)|salutation (generic term)
(noun) scorecard|record (generic term)|record book (generic term)|book (generic term)
(noun) menu|bill of fare|carte du jour|carte|bill (generic term)
(noun) batting order|lineup|roll (generic term)|roster (generic term)
(noun) circuit board|circuit card|board|plug-in|add-in|printed circuit (generic term)
(verb) tease|separate (generic term)
(verb) see (generic term)|check (generic term)|insure (generic term)|see to it (generic term)|ensure (generic term)|control (generic term)|ascertain (generic term)|assure (generic term)


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Cardinal Casper is well regarded in Russia for being the man who returned Our Lady of Kazan to its homeland . Kardinál Casper je v Rusku dobře přijímán , neboť právě on byl tím , kdo navrátil Pannu Marii Kazaňskou do její vlasti
Cardinal Wojtyla ’ s election as Pope therefore had a significance far beyond the confines of the Church . Zvolení kardinála Wojtyly papežem tak svým významem přesahovalo hranice církve
Card - carrying neo - liberals like me , who pushed for opening capital flows wide in the early 1990 ' s , had a particular vision in mind . Zapřísáhlí neoliberálové jako já , kteří se na počátku 90 . let zasazovali o úplné otevření kapitálových toků , chovali jistou vizi
Cardoso ' s eight years in power . Bude to hlasování , jež snad ze všeho nejvíce bude připomínat referendum o dosavadních osmi letech prezidentování Fernanda H . Cardosa
Cardinal Dziwisz of Cracow argued that there could be no place in Poland “ for retribution , revenge , lack of respect for human dignity , and reckless accusations . ” Kardinál Dziwisz z Krakova prohlásil , že nesmíme dávat prostor \„ odplatě , pomstě , neúctě k lidské důstojnosti a bezmyšlenkovitým obviněním . “

Merrian-Webster dictionary

Term Word class Description
card nouna : a flat stiff usually small and rectangular piece of material (as paper, paperboard, or plastic) usually bearing information: as (1) : POSTCARD (2) : VISITING CARD (3) : CREDIT CARD (4) : one bearing a picture (as of a baseball player) on one side and usually statistical data on the other (5) : one on which computer information is stored (as in the form of punched holes or magnetic encoding) (6) : one bearing electronic circuit components for insertion into a larger electronic device (as a computer) b : PROGRAM; especially : a sports program c (1) : a wine list (2) : MENU d : GREETING CARD
card nounan implement for raising a nap on cloth
card transitive verbto ask for identification (as in a bar)
card transitive verbto cleanse, disentangle, and collect together (as fibers) by the use of cards preparatory to spinning

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Charles Lamb Cards are war, in disguise of a sport.