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butter máslo n:
butter máslový adj:
butter mazat máslem
butter namazat máslem
butter pomazánka n:
Butter Máslo GB
Butter Máslo


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butter máslo


ButterAn oily, unctuous substance obtained from cream or milk by churning.
ButterAny substance resembling butter in degree of consistence, or other qualities, especially, in old chemistry, the chlorides, as butter of antimony, sesquichloride of antimony; also, certain concrete fat oils remaining nearly solid at ordinary temperatures, as butter of cacao, vegetable butter, shea butter.
ButterTo cover or spread with butter.
ButterTo increase, as stakes, at every throw or every game.
ButterOne who, or that which, butts.


battler, belligerent, combatant, dairy product, fighter, food, scrapper, solid food,


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(noun) dairy product (generic term)|food (generic term)|solid food (generic term)
(noun) combatant (generic term)|battler (generic term)|belligerent (generic term)|fighter (generic term)|scrapper (generic term)
(verb) cover (generic term)


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n. & v. --n. 1 a a pale yellow edible fatty substance made by churning cream and used as a spread or in cooking. b a substance of a similar consistency or appearance (peanut butter). 2 excessive flattery. spread, cook, or serve with butter (butter the bread; buttered carrots). øbutter-and-eggs any of several plants having two shades of yellow in the flower, e.g. toadflax. butter-bean 1 the flat, dried, white lima bean. 2 a yellow-podded bean. butter-cream (or -icing) a mixture of butter, icing sugar, etc. used as a filling or a topping for a cake. butter-fingers colloq. a clumsy person prone to drop things. butter-knife a blunt knife used for cutting butter at table. butter muslin a thin, loosely-woven cloth with a fine mesh, orig. for wrapping butter. butter-nut 1 a N. American tree, Juglans cinerea. 2 the oily nut of this tree. butter up colloq. flatter excessively. look as if butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth seem demure or innocent, probably deceptively. [OE butere f. L butyrum f. Gk bouturon],

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Term Word class Description
butter nounFLATTERY
butter transitive verbto spread with or as if with butter

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