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belt hnací řemen n:
belt opasek n:
belt pás n:
belt pásek n:
belt řemen n:
belt pás Med.
belt pás IT
belt pásmo IT
Belt Pásmo GB
Belt Řemen GB
Belt Pás


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belt. pás .


BeltThat which engirdles a person or thing; a band or girdle; as, a lady's belt; a sword belt.
BeltThat which restrains or confines as a girdle.
BeltAnything that resembles a belt, or that encircles or crosses like a belt; a strip or stripe; as, a belt of trees; a belt of sand.
BeltSame as Band, n., 2. A very broad band is more properly termed a belt.
BeltOne of certain girdles or zones on the surface of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, supposed to be of the nature of clouds.
BeltA narrow passage or strait; as, the Great Belt and the Lesser Belt, leading to the Baltic Sea.
BeltA token or badge of knightly rank.
BeltA band of leather, or other flexible substance, passing around two wheels, and communicating motion from one to the other.
BeltA band or stripe, as of color, round any organ; or any circular ridge or series of ridges.
BeltTo encircle with, or as with, a belt; to encompass; to surround.
BeltTo shear, as the buttocks and tails of sheep.


bang, smash, knock, bash, rap, whang, whack, knock, swath, belt out,
knock, bash, bang, smash, swath, rap, whack, whang, accessory, accouterment, accoutrement, blow, bump, course, loop, part, path, region, track,


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n. & v. --n. 1 a strip of leather or other material worn round the waist or across the chest, esp. to retain or support clothes or to carry weapons or as a safety-belt. 2 a belt worn as a sign of rank or achievement. 3 a a circular band of material used as a driving medium in machinery. b a conveyor belt. c a flexible strip carrying machine-gun cartridges. 4 a strip of colour or texture etc. differing from that on each side. 5 a distinct region or extent (cotton belt; commuter belt; a belt of rain). 6 sl. a heavy blow. --v. 1 tr. put a belt round. 2 tr. (often foll. by on) fasten with a belt. 3 tr. a beat with a belt. b sl. hit hard. 4 intr. sl. rush, hurry (usu. with compl. : belted along; belted home). øbelow the belt unfair or unfairly; disregarding the rules. belt and braces (of a policy etc.) of twofold security. belt out sl. sing or utter loudly and forcibly. belt up Brit. 1 sl. be quiet. 2 colloq. put on a seat belt. tighten one's belt live more frugally. under one's belt 1 (of food) eaten. 2 securely acquired (has a degree under her belt). øøbelter n. (esp. in sense of belt out). [OE f. Gmc f. L balteus],

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Merrian-Webster dictionary

Term Word class Description
belt nounbELTWAY
belt noundRINK
belt verbto sing loudly

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