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arrange dát do pořádku
arrange dojednat v:
arrange pořádat v:
arrange sjednat v:
arrange stanovit
arrange umísťovat v:
arrange umluvit v:
arrange uspořádat
arrange zarovnat v:
arrange zařídit
arrange zařizovat
arrange uspořádat Med.
arrange uspořádat Právnicko-obchodní pojem
arrange sestavovat CHEMISTRY
arrange upravovat CHEMISTRY
arrange uspořádat CHEMISTRY
arrange uspořádath IT
arrange uspořádejh IT
arrange uspořádání IT
arrange uspořádat IT
Arrange Aranžovat GB
Arrange Položit
Arrange Stanovit
Arrange Uspořádat


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arrange. zařídit .


ArrangeTo put in proper order; to dispose (persons, or parts) in the manner intended, or best suited for the purpose; as, troops arranged for battle.
ArrangeTo adjust or settle; to prepare; to determine; as, to arrange the preliminaries of an undertaking.


coiffur, dress, do, set, coif, coiffe, fix up, format, set, set up, put, order, set up, stage,


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v. 1 tr. put into the required order; classify. 2 tr. plan or provide for; cause to occur (arranged a meeting). 3 tr. settle beforehand the order or manner of. 4 intr. take measures; form plans; give instructions (arrange to be there at eight; arranged for a taxi to come; will you arrange about the cake?). 5 intr. come to an agreement (arranged with her to meet later). 6 tr. a Mus. adapt (a composition) for performance with instruments or voices other than those originally specified. b adapt (a play etc.) for broadcasting. 7 tr. settle (a dispute etc.). øøarrangeable adj. arranger n. (esp. in sense 6). [ME f. OF arangier f. å to + rangier RANGE],

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arrange verbto make preparations : PLAN

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