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rib žebro n:
rib žebro Med.
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Rib Žebro GB
Rib Žebro


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RibOne of the curved bones attached to the vertebral column and supporting the lateral walls of the thorax.
RibThat which resembles a rib in form or use.
RibOne of the timbers, or bars of iron or steel, that branch outward and upward from the keel, to support the skin or planking, and give shape and strength to the vessel.
RibA ridge, fin, or wing, as on a plate, cylinder, beam, etc., to strengthen or stiffen it.
RibOne of the rods on which the cover of an umbrella is extended.
RibA prominent line or ridge, as in cloth.
RibA longitudinal strip of metal uniting the barrels of a double-barreled gun.
RibThe chief nerve, or one of the chief nerves, of a leaf.
RibAny longitudinal ridge in a plant.
RibIn Gothic vaulting, one of the primary members of the vault. These are strong arches, meeting and crossing one another, dividing the whole space into triangles, which are then filled by vaulted construction of lighter material. Hence, an imitation of one of these in wood, plaster, or the like.
RibA projecting mold, or group of moldings, forming with others a pattern, as on a ceiling, ornamental door, or the like.
RibSolid coal on the side of a gallery; solid ore in a vein.
RibAn elongated pillar of ore or coal left as a support.
RibA wife; -- in allusion to Eve, as made out of Adam's rib.
RibTo furnish with ribs; to form with rising lines and channels; as, to rib cloth.
RibTo inclose, as with ribs, and protect; to shut in.


costa, make fun, blackguard, roast, poke fu, laugh at, jest at, ridicule, guy,
costa, anatomical structure, bodily structure, body structure, bone, comment, complex body part, cut, cut of meat, molding, moulding, os, remark, structure, support,


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(noun) support (generic term)
(noun) costa|bone (generic term)|os (generic term)
(noun) cut (generic term)|cut of meat (generic term)
(noun) remark (generic term)|comment (generic term)
(noun) structure (generic term)|anatomical structure (generic term)|complex body part (generic term)|bodily structure (generic term)|body structure (generic term)
(noun) molding (generic term)|moulding (generic term)
(verb) knit (generic term)
(verb) ridicule|roast|guy|blackguard|laugh at|jest at|make fun|poke fun|mock (generic term)|bemock (generic term)


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n. & v. --n. 1 each of the curved bones articulated in pairs to the spine and protecting the thoracic cavity and its organs. 2 a joint of meat from this part of an animal. 3 a ridge or long raised piece often of stronger or thicker material across a surface or through a structure serving to support or strengthen it. 4 any of a ship's transverse curved timbers forming the framework of the hull. 5 Knitting a combination of plain and purl stitches producing a ribbed somewhat elastic fabric. 6 each of the hinged rods supporting the fabric of an umbrella. 7 a vein of a leaf or an insect's wing. 8 Aeron. a structural member in an aerofoil. (ribbed, ribbing) 1 provide with ribs; act as the ribs of. 2 colloq. make fun of; tease. 3 mark with ridges. 4 plough with spaces between the furrows. øøribless adj. [OE rib, ribb f. Gmc],

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Ribonucleic acid ( RNA ) acts as an interpreter in a process called transcription ( the reading of genes ) . Kyselina ribonukleová ( RNA ) se chová jako tlumočník v procesu zvaném transkripce ( čtení genů )

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Term Word class Description
rib nounan elongated ridge: as a (1) : a vein of an insect's wing (2) : one of the primary veins of a leaf b : one of the ridges in a knitted or woven fabric
rib nounPARODY
rib transitive verbto form vertical ridges in in knitting
rib transitive verbto poke fun at KID

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