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solid čistý adj:
solid pevná látka n:
solid pevný adj:
solid solidní adj:
solid spolehlivý adj:
solid těleso n: [mat.]
solid tuhý adj:
solid pevná látka Med.
solid pevný pevné těleso Med.
solid pevný Med.
solid obchodně zdatný Právnicko-obchodní pojem
Solid Pevná látka


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Solid Pevný


SolidHaving the constituent parts so compact, or so firmly adhering, as to resist the impression or penetration of other bodies; having a fixed form; hard; firm; compact; -- opposed to fluid and liquid or to plastic, like clay, or to incompact, like sand.
SolidNot hollow; full of matter; as, a solid globe or cone, as distinguished from a hollow one; not spongy; dense; hence, sometimes, heavy.
SolidHaving all the geometrical dimensions; cubic; as, a solid foot contains 1,728 solid inches.
SolidFirm; compact; strong; stable; unyielding; as, a solid pier; a solid pile; a solid wall.
SolidApplied to a compound word whose parts are closely united and form an unbroken word; -- opposed to hyphened.
SolidFig.: Worthy of credit, trust, or esteem; substantial, as opposed to frivolous or fallacious; weighty; firm; strong; valid; just; genuine.
SolidSound; not weakly; as, a solid constitution of body.
SolidOf a fleshy, uniform, undivided substance, as a bulb or root; not spongy or hollow within, as a stem.
SolidImpenetrable; resisting or excluding any other material particle or atom from any given portion of space; -- applied to the supposed ultimate particles of matter.
SolidNot having the lines separated by leads; not open.
SolidUnited; without division; unanimous; as, the delegation is solid for a candidate.
SolidA substance that is held in a fixed form by cohesion among its particles; a substance not fluid.
SolidA magnitude which has length, breadth, and thickness; a part of space bounded on all sides.


congealed, concrete, jellied, dry, hard, solidified, jelled, coagulated, solid-state, semisolid, cubic, three-dimensional, firm, hard, good, hearty, square, wholesome, satisfying, substantial, homogeneous, homogenous, massive, opaque, self-colored, homogenous, self-coloured, homogeneous, serious, sound, strong, substantial, sound, unanimous, undiversified, whole, unbroken, worthy, upstanding, good, solidness, solid state,
solidness, solid state, form, matter, shape, state, state of matter, substance,


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(adj) coagulated (similar term)|solidified (similar term)|concrete (similar term)|congealed (similar term)|jelled (similar term)|jellied (similar term)|dry (similar term)|semisolid (similar term)|solid-state (similar term)|solid-state (similar term)|hard (related term)|liquid (antonym)|gaseous (antonym)
(adj) good (similar term)
(adj) massive (similar term)|hollow (antonym)
(adj) homogeneous (similar term)|homogenous (similar term)
(adj) unbroken (similar term)
(adj) hearty|satisfying|square|substantial|wholesome (similar term)
(adj) strong|substantial|sound (similar term)
(adj) firm|hard (similar term)
(adj) cubic (similar term)|three-dimensional (similar term)
(adj) opaque (similar term)
(adj) sound (similar term)
(adj) serious (similar term)
(adj) self-colored|self-coloured|homogeneous (similar term)|homogenous (similar term)
(adj) worthy|upstanding|good (similar term)
(adj) unanimous|whole|undiversified (similar term)
(noun) substance (generic term)|matter (generic term)
(noun) solidness|solid state|state of matter (generic term)|state (generic term)
(noun) shape (generic term)|form (generic term)


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adj. & n. --adj. (solider, solidest) 1 firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid (solid food; water becomes solid at 0ÛC). 2 of such material throughout, not hollow or containing cavities (a solid sphere). 3 of the same substance throughout (solid silver). 4 of strong material or construction or build, not flimsy or slender etc. 5 a having three dimensions. b concerned with solids (solid geometry). 6 a sound and reliable; genuine (solid arguments). b staunch and dependable (a solid Tory). 7 sound but without any special flair etc. (a solid piece of work). 8 financially sound. 9 (of time) uninterrupted, continuous (spend four solid hours on it). 10 a unanimous, undivided (support has been pretty solid so far). b (foll. by for) united in favour of. 11 (of printing) without spaces between the lines etc. 12 (of a tyre) without a central air space. 13 (foll. by with) US colloq. on good terms. 14 Austral. & NZ colloq. severe, unreasonable. --n. 1 a solid substance or body. 2 (in pl.) solid food. 3 Geom. a body or magnitude having three dimensions. øsolid angle an angle formed by planes etc. meeting at a point. solid colour colour covering the whole of an object, without a pattern etc. solid-drawn (of a tube etc.) pressed or drawn out from a solid bar of metal. solid solution solid material containing one substance uniformly distributed in another. solid state the state of matter that retains its boundaries without support. solid-state adj. using the electronic properties of solids (e.g. a semiconductor) to replace those of valves. øøsolidly adv. solidness n. [ME f. OF solide f. L solidus, rel. to salvus safe, sollus entire],

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Solidarity suffered that frustration in Poland in 1980 - 81 , which prolonged communist rule for a decade . Podobný zmar si protrpěla v letech 1980 - 81 Solidarita v Polsku , kde komunistická vláda přetrvala ještě další desetiletí
Solidarity created a public space for all of these discussions , while protecting us all against the party apparatus . Solidarita vytvořila veřejný prostor pro všechny tyto diskuse a přitom nás chránila před stranickým aparátem
Solid demand growth in the US will provide increased demand for developing - country exports — albeit not at the prices that prevailed when the dollar was stronger . Pevný růst poptávky v USA vytvoří vyšší poptávku po exportech z rozvojových zemí - třebaže ceny nebudou stejné jako v dobách silnějšího dolaru
Solidarity , in the sense of unity resulting from common interests , also clearly exists within both the original EU - 15 and the enlarged Union . Solidarita , ve smyslu jednoty plynoucí ze společných zájmů , také zřetelně existuje jak uvnitř původní evropské patnáctky , tak uvnitř rozšířené Unie
Solidarity Fatigue Solidaritu zdolává únava
Solidarity Takes Power Když se Solidarita uchopila moci
Solidarity , though weakened , proved to be a permanent fixture in Polish politics . Ačkoli byla Solidarita značně oslabená , stala se samozřejmou a nedělitelnou součástí polské politické scény
Solidarity could count on the logic of Gorbachev ' s recent reforms in the neighboring Soviet Union , the perennial inefficiency of the communist economic system , and the unwillingness of the government , under General Jaruzelski , to go back to the martial law regime . Solidarita mohla počítat s logickými důsledky nedávných Gorbačovových reforem v sousedním Sovětském svazu , s trvalou nevýkonností komunistického hospodářského systému a s neochotou vlády generála Jaruzelského obnovit stanné právo
Solidarity urgently needed to become legal again , to substitute a lasting institutional reality for its still enduring existence as a national myth . Aby přestala existovat jako přežívající mýtus a stala se reálnou institucí , musela být Solidarita opět zlegalizována
Solidarity , pushed underground when martial law was declared in December 1981 , survived seven years of repression and then returned in 1989 on the wave of Gorbachov ’ s “ perestroika . ” Solidarita , zahnaná při vyhlášení stanného práva v prosinci 1981 do podzemí , přežila sedm let represí a roku 1989 se vrátila na vlně Gorbačovovy \„ perestrojky “
Solidarity adopted a philosophy of compromise rather than revenge , and embraced the idea of a Poland for everyone rather than a state divided between omnipotent winners and oppressed losers . Solidarita si neosvojila filozofii odplaty , nýbrž kompromisu a přijala myšlenku Polska pro všechny , nikoli státu rozděleného mezi všemocné vítěze a utlačované poražené
Solidarity veterans believed that the dictatorship ’ s demise would be followed by their own reign . Veteráni Solidarity věřili , že po zániku diktatury bude následovat jejich vlastní vláda
Solidarity played the most central role in the 20 th century . Solidarita hrála ve 20 . století ústřední roli
Solidarity has lost ground against new demands of individual freedom , and even more against the imperative of economic efficiency , which became ever more pressing as a result of globalization . Solidarita ztrácela půdu pod nohama ve prospěch požadavků osobní svobody a ještě více ve prospěch imperativu ekonomické efektivnosti , jehož naléhavost rostla v důsledku globalizace

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Term Word class Description
solid adverbin a solid manner; also UNANIMOUSLY
solid adjectiveof one substance or character: as a : entirely of one metal or containing the minimum of alloy necessary to impart hardness b : of a single color
solid nounsomething that is solid: as a : a solid color b : a compound word whose members are joined together without a hyphen

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Christopher Hitchens Solidarity is an attitude of resistance, I suppose, or it should be.